dimecres, 17 d’octubre del 2018


The English corners serves to improve and review all the contents worked on in the unit through different games.

In the English corner they can find : bingo, dominó, flashcard, memory game, " la oca" with the vocabulary worked in each unit...and more and  more.


The english corners are created to improve  and review different contents through several games.


In Second grade, we are learning part of the house and some preposition as: on, in and under. The best way to learn is play and get fun with the language.

Today we have created a vocabulary gallery and then we have asked some questions each others: 

Where's is Martí?

     He's in the living room

     He's under the table

dijous, 11 d’octubre del 2018

Sortida Parc Güell

Benvingudes famílies. 

El passat divendres vam sortir a Barcelona a veure el Parc Güell, on vam poder apreciar l’arquitectura de Gaudi amb els seus colors i formes. També vam veure la projecció de la pel·lícula “Gaudi experiència” en 4D. Va agradar moltíssim!!

Les tutores.